Un peu de romantisme 2

What brings a space to life? In Un Peu de Romantisme Lyllie Rouvière creates interactions between human-bodies and non-human bodies using awareness and observation. Over time and through movement the performer is slowly transformed into a hybrid object-plant-animal. A series of gestures builds an architecture in relation to a landscape composed of vegetation, geometrical abstract forms and the human body. A dialectic state between that which is built and that which is falling into disuse and decay starts to emerge. The reduced scale and minimalistic approach to movement and space attempt to enter into the silence and the rhythm of a ghostly romantic landscape with its indeterminate inhabitants, open to the potential of unexpected phenomena.

Choreography: Lyllie Rouvière
Performance: Ewa Dziarnowska
Support: Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin, Collegium Hungaricum Berlin

Juin 2017, Performing Arts Festival Berlin | FORMS festival – Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin (DE)

un peu de romantisme: https://youtu.be/pxJ3IBbPxfM?t=4m52s (4min52 – 5min12)

Photos copyright: MontagModus

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