LOVE: 15

There’s a tone of dirty stuff in the cupboard that we want to share, not to contaminate but to make a party with it. A party to shake the ego-trip into a carpet full of love. We would cook a piece of space to feed your pretty cute ass. I love how you keep going in the garbage of pain to let the transformation happen into the joy of searching with one another. The middle of the room is recording an act of eternal revenge and this time we want the guns down, the guns off, lying on the floor. After the fight, after the make-up, after having sex, after stretching, after a huge sound.

Performance: Anna Faber, Lyllie Rouvière
Choreography: Lyllie Rouvière
Costume: Anastasios Kelp
Light: Bruno Pocheron
Text: Lyllie Rouvière
Photos: Arnaud Ele

LOVE: 15, an invitation by @solistenensemble.kaleidoskop

A production by the soloist ensemble Kaleidoskop. Supported by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds. The soloist ensemble Kaleidoskop receives basic funding from the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe in 2022.

Media partners: taz. die tageszeitung, tip Berlin, ExBerliner and Ask Helmut.

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